Thursday, December 29, 2011

Violent Seduction Half Off sale and more!

Violent Seduction Half Off sale and more!

Jamman has a new series of necklaces out! There are single heart or double heart pendants in gold or silver and a neat, easy to use HUD that allows you to change the letter on the heart. So there I have N + T. T standing for THINGS naturally. I’m a materialistic kind of girl what can I say! Or maybe there is a special sweetie starting with T, quite a mysterious little necklace. Also from Jamman are my lace nails. These are the same nails I’ve blogged in the past but with a different texture hud. There are 10 colors with a lacy pattern on each and four rings attached which can be hidden or color changed using the hud.

Necklace: Jamman Jewels - linked heart letter gold chain necklace (299L new release )
Nails: Jamman Jewels - Lace Fingernails (279L)

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