Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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We hope we all have a merry christmas and we wish you hapiness for you and your family :)
Here are our last bloggers' posts !
Enjoy !
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Picture by Justyna Magne <3
Picture by Laiti
Pic by Daian
Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -
Gilded Lie
Jamman Sexy Bitch Necklace

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Staff of Jamman jewels...

....Wish you a merry christmas !

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Pic by Loute Diesel
Montage 1
Nails: Jamman jewels  ~ ultra mesh rigged nails hud

Pic by Psikotik
Nails: Jamman - ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS V1 (Mesh and Hud)* -NEW!

Pic by Punkiss
Nails – Jamman MESH Nails

Pic by Mental Khaos

bleu 2
Nails: Jamman Jewels ~ Ultra mesh rigged nails hud

Winter Sales @ jamman jewels !

Dear customers,
You all know it, Christmas and the new year will arrive soon!
And here at Jamman Jewels, we have big projects for 2013.

In order to celebrate Winter and the future renewal of the store, we are organizing Huge Sales during December !

These exclusive sales will begin Now  till December 25 th
                         >>>> Don't miss it ! <<<<<
Everything in the store will be 50% off ! (non-mesh products)
Hope you will enjoy this event and don't hesitate to share the good  deal with your friends !

You can also find Free Lite huds @ The womenstuff hunt !
Winter Walk 1-3 Zoom
Uñas: Jamman Jewels - Lite Fingernails - FREE !!! Caceria: Womenstuff Hunt  *(ambas llevamos las mismas uñas)

Winter Walk 1-2 Zoom
Uñas: Jamman Jewels - Lite Fingernails - FREE !!! Caceria: Womenstuff Hunt  *(Hud tamaños, texturas y largos - Buscar una camiseta rosa) *(Y además... ¡ REBAJAS 50% !)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mesh Nails everywhere !!

Are you still hesitating ?
You wonder if this huge pack worth the price?
Here is some posts of people who already adopt them :)
-Jamman jewels - 

You can give each nail a different color with "finger picker" option !
Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free - 

Nails: JA - Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -

Cat nails shape option
Nails - ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V1 by Jamman

Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free - 

Enfin pour parfaire cette tenue, j'ai opté pour les nouveaux ongles de chez Jamman:
Comme toujours, ses ongles sont d'une simplicité étonnante! Une finition superbe, un HUD simple et complet, le rêve!!!
Adoptez les vite ;)

A view of the Hud

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mesh Nails : a Jamman Jewels Must have !

Hi there !
Did you see our new banner ? Do you like it ? ^^
Here is a post around mesh nails by Jamman jewels
Enjoy !
- Jamman jewels-
Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -
Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -
Nails: Jamman - Rigged Ultra Fingernail
Good morning everyone!! Are you tired of looking for the best nails in SL? Have you tried them from all over? If you have been an avid reader of "Punki`s Fashion Passion" than you already know who`s nails I wear daily right? I`m not going to say that there isn`t any nice ones out there, but for everyday use, & options for any need I may have, I stick with Jamman Nails. I use the ULTIMATE DELUXE HUD, you know the one with 800 nail textures. So why am I posting about nails again when you already know this? Well, there is only one way Jamman could have improved these nails......MESH! You got it, rigged Mesh Fingernails & guess what? With the Ultimate Deluxe Hud too!! I am soooo excited! Now I really NEVER need another nail!

This is going to be a pretty easy post to do...I`m going to show you exactly what you are getting when you purchase this ''ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS BY JAMMAN''.

As a blogger, I change skins daily, sometimes more than once a day. I have to admit that tinting gloves everyday for every skin, really gets time consuming. The pic your looking at above, has NO glove. The pack comes with the gloves if you prefer, personally, I don`t see the need, they look fabulous as is.

Let`s take a look at this HUD. As you can see above, there is NO sizes....why? Well, this is one of the advantages of rigged mesh nails. There aren`t any sizes. They just fit! Any avi, any size, from 0 - 100!
You`ll see that you now have 6 options as to shape of the nail, an additional 2 choices than the last Hud.
Individual or ALL nail finger picker. A reset button (when our hands go all SL crazy, lol ). Built in pose stand so you can pose anywhere & choose your nails. And my favorite option on this - HIDE HUD!! I LOVE this option, I keep my nails on all the time & leave the hud on my screen, HIDE HUD closes it to just a small circle I put off into the corner & it`s always there when I need it. It can`t get any more simple than that =)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Bloggers' point of view

Again, a new selection of our bloggers' pictures
to show you how our last new releases can be worn :)
Thank you all for you beautiful work !
- Jamman jewels -
Jamman Jewels nous présente une jolie chaîne de ventre en différents tons, or, argent, cooper ou dark. Un superbe bijoux qui habillera très bien votre ventre. Jamman jewels nous propose aussi le Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails, un petit bijoux à lui tout seul qu’il faut absolument posséder.
 Superbe !
Belly Chain: Dark Waist Chains Combo By Jamman Jewels
Belly Chain: Jamman - Triple waist belly chain (dark silver)
(...) I also decided to purchase new mesh nails from Jamman!  I am really liking them.  I can change them to pretty much any color or design, and I also can change the length of the nail.  It even lets you change specific fingers.  How awesome is that.  I think I played around with the options forever.
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
LoTD | 25-11-12
 Also worn are the new MESH nails from Jamman! I blogged a while back about Jamman nails in great detail.. (see here) but they have now been remade in mesh, obvs.   Below is the ULTRA HUD, it comes, as you can see with a HUGE array of options.  Each tab on the left opens a new colour/pattern selection (the colourful area with all the nails!), so you can just about work out there are over 800 options!  Not only that, there are two new nail “lengths”… they are “cat” and “snake”… so yep, you can now claw peoples eyes out or fork them in the face! YAY!
Jamman | Mesh Nail HUD
Nails:  Jamman Jewels & Accessories ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS V1 BY JAMMAN  !NEW!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ultra mesh riged fingernails Hud 2/2

Bloggers are progressively testing our new big release
and it's a pleasure to see their work through the Web !
Here is a firts sample =)
-jamman jewels -

On http://livvysboudoir.blogspot.fr

So I been waiting for this. Jamman came out with MESH nails. Thats right, totally mesh. They work and fit the same way as the prim ones. Now like the prim ones, these dont move with your fingers. like if you have an AO on or anything like that, the nails are stationary. That is something ALL nails do. Like the other nails from this creator I want to rave about them. The hud is a actually alot easier to use. Everything is clearly labeled.  On that there is a Notecard with all the information on it. Which totally helps those that are new. I was able to place these on and get the look I wanted in a minute. But with so many options you will want to play. This will be the last nail set you will ever want or so I think anyways. 
  • There are 6 shapes of nails
  • 8 different catagories with texture options (standard, fantasy, fantasy2, Glam, Dots, Tattoo, gold, and Silver)
  • Over 100 textures per catagory
  • You can make each finger different
  • There is a easy to use sizer to make nails fit just right. 
  • Goes from 0-100 in size
  • If your fingers get stuck in that open hand position, this hud will fix that!
  • You can resize this hud too just like the old one so you dont have to have it take up your whole screen. Which is a total plus as you can see with all my other huds on the screen that I need while blogging.
Click to make the picture bigger....

Thursday, November 22, 2012


*********NEWS ***********

Hello Ladies ,
You already know the Ultimate deluxe fingernails hud ?
Well... Jamman jewels now offer you more than prim nails !
Mesh is coming in our store and we decided to release a Huge pack which will replace all the old ones :)
You don't need anything but this one !
This is  the ULTRA MESH RIGGED  FINGERNAILS edition !  
  • It contain 800 original polishes ! ( from Basic color with or without french tip to multicolor nails art and many more !)
  •  3 nails Shapes !
  •  Hand size from 0 to 100 without any adjustement ( rigged mesh )
  •  1 different color per finger possible with the finger picker  option !
  •  4 nails lenght + 2 Additional shape , "Cat" ,&  "snake"
  •  Posestand included ( no need to rez it)

They are now available at our Mainstore
and on our marketplace
(don't hesitate to leave a review!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rainbow Mesh Nails :D

A big Thank you
to Punkiss
for her fabulous work, as always !
- Jamman jewels-

Good Morning Ladies!! Woohoooo do I have some AWESOME NEWS for you today! So as a Punki`s Fashion Passion reader, you already know that I wear nails from Jamman ALL THE TIME yes? And I use that Deluxe Ultimate Hud that has 800 colors to it, so I never need anything else. UNTIL NOW....... I can guarantee you`ve NEVER seen this before! Jamman has released the RAINBOW FINGERNAIL HUD. Now, what does that mean to us? Well first of all, these nails are rigged mesh! That means they automatically fit to the size of your hands, no matter what size they are, they just fit, PERFECTLY! Next, these come in 4 great lengths, & yes, I was able to talk Jamman into the extra long length again ;) lol Then we have the Hud, a full color box & slider, that means you can make these nails ANY color you want by just clicking anywhere in the box. Sounds great right? Can it get any better? You better believe it can!!! How about a single click to force your nails into AUTOMATIC RAINBOW MODE. Whats that you say? Automatic rainbow mode means your nails constantly change colors while wearing them, they never stop changing until you click the button again & go back to a single color choice. People will be amazed!! "Did her nails just change colors?" Yes they did, over & over again. We even have a video that will show you! So lets take a look at some pics of these nails k?

Here is this amazing hud, very simple, practically nothing to figure out. Click the color box or slider for a single color.....or click the auto to make them keep changing colors :)

Here I wanted to show you the four different lengths, short, normal, long & extra long.

Of course I wear the extra long, lol ......here is some of the beautiful colors I made with the rainbow hud :)

....some more colors.....

.....and even more colors......you can choose a different color all day long....

I wanted to show you a close-up of Mesh Nails. Can you see how PERFECT they are? No gaps, nothing lifted, they lay against your hands perfectly, & fit any size hand.

They are just beautiful!!

Now lets take a look at the video, it`s the only way to show you really how that automatic rainbow works.

youtube video - Rainbow Nails Video is only a min & a half, shows you the nails changing automatically, this is so cool, go get your Rainbow Nails today!!

I just want to thank Jamman for creating these nails, they are superb, and I can now say, I have NEW favorite nails!! I hope everyone enjoyed the post & will enjoy these great NEW nails. Let me grab you your taxi ;) JAMMAN MAINSTORE TAXI