Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi Girls !

I guess we are all impatient that spring comes back ^^
The Jamman Jewels blogger team fight against the winter !
Weapons ? Colorful Nails !
-Jamman jewels - 

Jamman – ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3

Nails: ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman

02-22 03_001
Nails: Ultra Mesh Rigged Nails by Jamman


Nails: Jamman - Rigged Ultra Fingernail v.3 *review copy mesh 

Adam N Eve - T4 - Scarlet - Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim E

The prim nails I’m wearing are from Jamman nails and are the most expensive thing I have on. They are their ultra mesh rigged nails and they cost 1,499L for the set. Now anyone who has read this blog knows I’m pretty cheap.      I don’t mind spending money, but I want to get my money’s worth, and if it’s expensive I’ll brood for days before I will fork over the cash. Well this purchase I think I brooded for weeks. Every time I had just decided…no..not worth the risk, they would send another notecard out and I would go look at them and go…well maybe…until one day I just did it. Well it was worth the risk. This are wonderful nails. For your lindens you get 800 different colours of nail polish, for a start, so it’s less then 2L a polish colour. You can colour each nail individually or do them all at once. Now not every polish colour is going to be to your liking,  I admit that to me the silver and gold tabs are way too much  of the same things, the designs are different enough to justify the space used, I would have much rather had half of each combined on one tab and another tab for animal prints which is something this hud is lacking in. The gold and silver tabs were the last 2 tabs, and I can just image the brain burn the poor designer was going through after having created 600 nail textures at that point, it’s no wonder that animal prints didn’t occur to her. If I had to create 600 nail textures they would probably find me walking down main stretch in my underwear with tinfoil on my head talking about how the aliens are listening. It’s a miracle that she pulled out  200 more.

With this nail set you get all the future upgrades. Normally with SL stuff that means if they have to fix it, you get the fix, and that’s it. These nails really have been upgraded since I first bought them. A great deal. They are now on version 4. There are more shapes and lengths of nails now. You have the ability to create your own solid or tipped nail colours. She added shine in 2 intensities.

One thing for those of you with shapes that are not modifable so you were unable to wear prim nails before…these nails size themselves to your hands…anything from 0 to 100. It doesn’t matter, it’s done automatically for you.  No muss no fuss.

Would I buy these again…in a heart beat.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jamman loves dizzy duckling diary..

.. especially when it takls about our new Custom mesh rigged nails machine :)

Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3

Read the entire story HERE

Monday, February 18, 2013

Custom rigged mesh nails machine !

Hey girls, have you seen the new Custom machine at the Jamman jewels mainstore ?
I'll tell you more about it here..

You are looking for the ideal pair of nails matching with a special outfit ?
You don't have yet enough to buy the ULTRA rigged Mesh Fingernails Pack  ?

Jamman jewels has the solution !
>>> A Machine to build your own Mesh rigged fingernails  ! <<<

Chose the, the shape, the color and all the option you want, and get your unique custom nails for 99ls only !

And here is what Punkiss thinks about the machine :

Hi everyone! So I`ve had this Hud for a little while now, checking it out, seeing if there was any bugs that needed taken care of & honestly, it has soooo much that you can do with it, I needed some time to figure it all out, lol. I`m going to tell you about the NEW version 3 of the Ultimate Rigged Mesh Nails from JAMMAN, & while I`m explaining all of that to you, keep in mind that ANY set of nails that you see or imagine, you can get for 99L. That`s the bottom line. You can purchase the V3 Hud & until eternity, make any color combination of nails that your little heart desires OR you can purchase them one at a time for 99L. JAMMAN has released the v3 hud & also a self serve nail making machine in his main store  I have a lot to show you, so lets get busy  :)


Here is a color that I created – from the “Dot” menu, I chose the blue & white dots & then from the standard menu I chose a red tip  Cute! There is 8 menus to choose from -100 in each of those, so a total of 800 colors that you have to work or PLAY with. There is also some NEW items to this hud. NEW shapes of nails, some really different ones too if you don`t like to be like everyone else  One is like a snake tongue with a split edge, one pointed, then of course every length of squared & rounded nails, (11 shapes in all). There is an individual nail picker, so if you want just a design on one nail, so be it, the choice is yours  There is now a transparency & a shiny option, and if that isn`t enough, a full color box for you to make colors with. There is NOTHING you can`t do with these. Oh, here`s something that most people don`t even mention, but to me, this is huge! The hud is large yes? Well, there is a “hide hud” option, I love that, it stays on my screen everyday just like my AO, & it takes up a very very small circle until I`m ready to open it again, & no searching through inventory to find the hud  Now here`s another really cool part, not sure what you want to do yet? Buy the hud? Or just buy a pair of nails at a time? Well, this should help you out. How about you go over to the Mainstore & try out the NEW machine, see what colors you can create, it`s fun, go check it out!

Here is a few colors to just give you an idea of all you can do with these. Honestly, I couldn`t even possibly take pics of all the nails I could come up with, lol. See the machine in the middle pic? That`s the one I`m telling you about, you actually see the nails being created & you can change them as much as you want, until you get just the right, size, shape & color!

Ok so here you can see some great color combinations, also in the middle top picture, I`m showing you the different shapes & also the ability to do different things to each finger. Believe me, once you learn the hud, its so simple!

Either in lingerie or out to dinner for the evening, these nails are perfect for all occasions. Honestly, I wear JAMMAN Nails all the time, & not just in this blog, but even when I`m NOT blogging for JAMMAN, I still wear his nails, because I love them !


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day !

We wish you all,
ladies, a beautiful valentine's day
And we love you all ! 
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Jamman – Ultra Rigged Mesh Fingernails

Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V3.

♡ Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Ultra Mesh Fingernails New Release

Don't you worry, don't you worry child...
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernail V3

Nails: ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman

Friday, February 8, 2013

Daian Loves jamman jewels !

This post is dedicated to
One of our best bloggers !
Thank you for your work <3
- Jamman jewels -

  • Waist Chains: JA - Dark Waiste Chains Combo - No Free 
  • Nails: JA - Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Ultra mesh rigged fingernails HUD V3 is out !

What's new in the V.3 ?
✔ New nails shapes
✔ RGB color selection
✔ Possibility to change the base and the tips independently
✔ Shiny options
✔ Color presets and color palette

Did you see the awesome video we made for you ?

In addtion, here is the Juicybomb's blogpost with her impressions on our product :

Jamman Mesh Nails
I think it’s time for me to delete my old sculpted prim nails, and update with mesh nails!! The Ultra Rigged Mesh Fingernails from Jamman includes a HUD with over 800 different polish textures, 11 nail shapes, the ability to change nail shape & nail texture per finger, and so much more! I like wearing short round nails, but the sharper tips might be good for certain fantasy styles. Rigged mesh nails are wonderful, they’ll fit all hand sizes from 0 to 100, so you’re not limited to just a few sizes.
If you don’t want to wear mesh hands, I think mesh nails are a wonderful way to update your avatar, without the hassle of matching skin tone.
Jamman Mesh Nails

Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome :)

Hey ! Welcome to our beautiful new store :)
We announced some changes for 2013 so, here it is !
Mesh build, more place for mesh nails !
We are waiting for you :)


Check out the Video ! 
post by by natsumi Kangjon


Wear the HUD after purchase; 

Wear the nails and let the magic start...

Select the shape of your nails directly through the HUD,

11 Nail shapes !!! round & square version in 4 lenght short, normal , long and Extra long !+ 3 extra shape , Cat normal and extra long and Snake tongue

Finger picker to apply 1 polish per finger , so your hand can look like a rainbow .

Everything is simple and works in a single click.
The posibilities are infinite ! the only limit is your imagination .

You can resize the hud in case its too big or too small on your screen or just hide it for a later use .

Hand Lock system is include so your nails will never fly ( that work with 99 % of AO )

The Hud also include a Pose stand , you do not need to rez anything to get your pose and adjsute your nails !

When you buy the ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS HUD, you will receive lifetime update if any improvement is made on the product.


- You can now Select a finger and click on any shape to make any finger have a different shape

- You can set transparency of your fingernails the finger picker also working . Click on 100 % to hide your nails . usefull when you wear Gloves !

- The reset hand script has been improved , and the lock script in hand as been deleted and placed in the main script. so less memory usage . Less lag . 

- If your finger after sitting somewhere or playing another animation move so the nails are not in front of the finger Just use the hud and click on the reset hand position it will fix the hand position and restart the lock function .

- The overall script of hand and hud has been improved , so it's faster ,and use less memory than in V1 .


1- Added 5 More Shapes : 

Square Shape in 4 Lenghts 

Extra long Cat shape

2 - Added a color picker with RGB Value . 

Click on the color picker to set a color OR click on the RGB value and Say a Value to the hud OR use the color preset . Select any polish and change the tint of it . If you want a standard colored nail , select a white polish .

3 - You can now Select The Base And or the Tip of you nail where you want to apply the polish on . 

Select the TIP option and click on a polish , it apply only on the TIP or the base of the nail depending your choice . ( This option only work for the rounded and square nails not with Catsand snake shape)

4 - Added a Shinny option so you can make the nails shiny .

ALL option are combinable . You can select the tip on 1 finger and apply a color specifically on it .

Note that some polish combination may not give a nice render like for example a tip and base with 2 different nail art polish will not combine well .

And More to come in V4 !!!!

Demo Available inworld if you like