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Wear the HUD after purchase; 

Wear the nails and let the magic start...

Select the shape of your nails directly through the HUD,

11 Nail shapes !!! round & square version in 4 lenght short, normal , long and Extra long !+ 3 extra shape , Cat normal and extra long and Snake tongue

Finger picker to apply 1 polish per finger , so your hand can look like a rainbow .

Everything is simple and works in a single click.
The posibilities are infinite ! the only limit is your imagination .

You can resize the hud in case its too big or too small on your screen or just hide it for a later use .

Hand Lock system is include so your nails will never fly ( that work with 99 % of AO )

The Hud also include a Pose stand , you do not need to rez anything to get your pose and adjsute your nails !

When you buy the ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS HUD, you will receive lifetime update if any improvement is made on the product.


- You can now Select a finger and click on any shape to make any finger have a different shape

- You can set transparency of your fingernails the finger picker also working . Click on 100 % to hide your nails . usefull when you wear Gloves !

- The reset hand script has been improved , and the lock script in hand as been deleted and placed in the main script. so less memory usage . Less lag . 

- If your finger after sitting somewhere or playing another animation move so the nails are not in front of the finger Just use the hud and click on the reset hand position it will fix the hand position and restart the lock function .

- The overall script of hand and hud has been improved , so it's faster ,and use less memory than in V1 .


1- Added 5 More Shapes : 

Square Shape in 4 Lenghts 

Extra long Cat shape

2 - Added a color picker with RGB Value . 

Click on the color picker to set a color OR click on the RGB value and Say a Value to the hud OR use the color preset . Select any polish and change the tint of it . If you want a standard colored nail , select a white polish .

3 - You can now Select The Base And or the Tip of you nail where you want to apply the polish on . 

Select the TIP option and click on a polish , it apply only on the TIP or the base of the nail depending your choice . ( This option only work for the rounded and square nails not with Catsand snake shape)

4 - Added a Shinny option so you can make the nails shiny .

ALL option are combinable . You can select the tip on 1 finger and apply a color specifically on it .

Note that some polish combination may not give a nice render like for example a tip and base with 2 different nail art polish will not combine well .

And More to come in V4 !!!!

Demo Available inworld if you like

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