Monday, November 26, 2012

Bloggers' point of view

Again, a new selection of our bloggers' pictures
to show you how our last new releases can be worn :)
Thank you all for you beautiful work !
- Jamman jewels -
Jamman Jewels nous présente une jolie chaîne de ventre en différents tons, or, argent, cooper ou dark. Un superbe bijoux qui habillera très bien votre ventre. Jamman jewels nous propose aussi le Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails, un petit bijoux à lui tout seul qu’il faut absolument posséder.
 Superbe !
Belly Chain: Dark Waist Chains Combo By Jamman Jewels
Belly Chain: Jamman - Triple waist belly chain (dark silver)
(...) I also decided to purchase new mesh nails from Jamman!  I am really liking them.  I can change them to pretty much any color or design, and I also can change the length of the nail.  It even lets you change specific fingers.  How awesome is that.  I think I played around with the options forever.
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
LoTD | 25-11-12
 Also worn are the new MESH nails from Jamman! I blogged a while back about Jamman nails in great detail.. (see here) but they have now been remade in mesh, obvs.   Below is the ULTRA HUD, it comes, as you can see with a HUGE array of options.  Each tab on the left opens a new colour/pattern selection (the colourful area with all the nails!), so you can just about work out there are over 800 options!  Not only that, there are two new nail “lengths”… they are “cat” and “snake”… so yep, you can now claw peoples eyes out or fork them in the face! YAY!
Jamman | Mesh Nail HUD
Nails:  Jamman Jewels & Accessories ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS V1 BY JAMMAN  !NEW!

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