Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mesh Nails : a Jamman Jewels Must have !

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Here is a post around mesh nails by Jamman jewels
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Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -
Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails - No Free -
Nails: Jamman - Rigged Ultra Fingernail
Good morning everyone!! Are you tired of looking for the best nails in SL? Have you tried them from all over? If you have been an avid reader of "Punki`s Fashion Passion" than you already know who`s nails I wear daily right? I`m not going to say that there isn`t any nice ones out there, but for everyday use, & options for any need I may have, I stick with Jamman Nails. I use the ULTIMATE DELUXE HUD, you know the one with 800 nail textures. So why am I posting about nails again when you already know this? Well, there is only one way Jamman could have improved these nails......MESH! You got it, rigged Mesh Fingernails & guess what? With the Ultimate Deluxe Hud too!! I am soooo excited! Now I really NEVER need another nail!

This is going to be a pretty easy post to do...I`m going to show you exactly what you are getting when you purchase this ''ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS BY JAMMAN''.

As a blogger, I change skins daily, sometimes more than once a day. I have to admit that tinting gloves everyday for every skin, really gets time consuming. The pic your looking at above, has NO glove. The pack comes with the gloves if you prefer, personally, I don`t see the need, they look fabulous as is.

Let`s take a look at this HUD. As you can see above, there is NO sizes....why? Well, this is one of the advantages of rigged mesh nails. There aren`t any sizes. They just fit! Any avi, any size, from 0 - 100!
You`ll see that you now have 6 options as to shape of the nail, an additional 2 choices than the last Hud.
Individual or ALL nail finger picker. A reset button (when our hands go all SL crazy, lol ). Built in pose stand so you can pose anywhere & choose your nails. And my favorite option on this - HIDE HUD!! I LOVE this option, I keep my nails on all the time & leave the hud on my screen, HIDE HUD closes it to just a small circle I put off into the corner & it`s always there when I need it. It can`t get any more simple than that =)


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