Thursday, March 7, 2013

Have a nice day girls :)

A special thanks to Brookie who made a post about our Ultra mesh rigged fingernails hud :)

Also, I want to tell you about the bestest nails in the entire SL. I STG, these are amazing, I was sent them last night, by the lovely Jamman, and I was bowled over by just how good they are. Firstly they are mesh, and fit perfectly, no matter what the hand size. Secondly you have the box of magic AKA hud lol.  It allows you to choose from 800 nail textures, and 11 nail shapes, from short and neat square tips to ultra long cat like talons & snake tongue tips. Theres almost an endless combination choose to from. Seriously, they are all the nails we will ever need. Brilliant.

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