Saturday, October 26, 2013

NEW ! 9Inch nails and Jamman presents...

The New mesh fingernails HUD is now available !

In collaboration with 9Inch nails designer, The HUD has the same functionnalities than before BUT, it comes with 800 Brand new textures for your nails :)

  • One size fits all : from size 0 to 100 !
  • 11 nail shapes and different lenghts
  • Hand lock system
  • Pose stand included
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Finger picker option
  • Transparency and shiny options
  • Color picker
  • Base and Tip selection to custom your nails
  • Texture Rotation

>> Marketplace Link <<

And more to come soon, stay tuned !

This is the Post from my friend Punkiss she is talking about it even better than me :

This next part of the post is something I am SOOOO EXCITED about. Jamman Nails, has 2 recent huds that we all love. One is V5 Ultra Mesh Rigged which we have 800 textures to use with our prim nails. Then we have Slink Ultra Mesh Rigged that actually puts ON the nails to whichever hands we`ve purchased – that`s pretty amazing in itself & still hasn`t been done in SL by anyone other than Jamman. Now today I`m happy to bring you the news that the v5 Ultra Mesh Rigged (prim nails) has 800 NEW TEXTURES !!!! YAY!!! These will be released very soon,  The Slink version is in the works next, so don`t worry, you will get these great textures too. Honestly, I need both of these, because I wear Slink Hands, but on days that I`m wearing feet & feet appliers, phat azz & that applier, lolas & that applier, & even Loud Mouth & that applier, I take a break & prefer the good ole fashioned prim nails still, lol. Below you will see all 8 brand NEW pages of textures & then because you really don`t get just how beautiful these are from this pic, of course I`ve taken a ton of pics for you in closeups ;) Wouldn`t be Punki if I didn`t right? lol

The NEW Textures have been released!! No waiting! What are you waiting for ?

So let`s have a look, the next 8 pics are closeups, I am sooooo in love with these new colors! Ty Jamman!!
Butterflies, Fairies, flowers, bows, ribbons, shapes, boxes, zippers, hearts, stars, corsets, swirls, & even shoestrings! Omg this hud seriously rawks!
0jamman7 0jamman6 0jamman5 0jamman4 0jamman3 0jamman2 0jamman1
Didn`t I say this was going to be a great post? ;) You know I take good care of you here right?

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