Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hop hop hop !

1 day left for the Swag fest !
Hurry up !
But don't worry, after the event, you can find all the urban exclusive items at our mainstore ;)
>> Taxi to Jamman jewels Store <<
- Jamman jewels-

Glasses: Swag Glasses Gold By Jamman (TSF Exclusive, SWAG Fest # 60!) 

Glasses : Swag Silver By Jamman (TSF Exclusive!)  
Necklace: Silver Swag Mutha Fucka by Jamman (TSF Exclusive!) 
Fingernails (right): Swag Man By Jamman (TSF Exclusive!) 

Right picture
Necklace (right): Big Clock Silver Swag Necklace By Jamman (TSF Exclusive!) 

  • Glasses: JA - [NEW] Swag Glasses Gold - For SWAG Fest  - No Free -
  • Nails: JA - [NEW] Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails HUD - No Free - 

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