Monday, October 1, 2012

The Swag Fest, IT'S NOW !!

Jamman Jewels - Swag Fest!! ( By Punkiss)

Hi everyone!! The SWAG FEST is just about to begin & I had to work RL today, so I`m here doing what I can to get these items blogged for ya, so you can head on over to the "Swag Fest" & get yaself some goodies! Ok, so let me explain this post for ya. This is for Jamman Jewels, you know the fingernail place I`m always talking about. His items are all accessories, & there is a bunch to show you.  Jamman has created some pretty cool stuff for this event. In fact, here`s the rundown before the pics. One exclusive item for men, 2 exclusives for women, & 12 unisex items!! Like I said, I have a TON to show you :)

As usual this will be another long blog.....

Here is one of the female exclusives, the "Sexy Bitch" necklace, this comes in silver or gold, you`ll see both in this post :)

My favorite item out of all of these is this Swag Hat. This hat comes with either a silver or gold letter that you can change, see my "P" for Punki ;) I love this =)

Flavor Flav Big Clock Necklace, a unisex item in either silver or gold. This made me laugh, lol

Below is my Swag Cap in the silver "P" :)

Next this item is unisex too, the Swag Glasses, these also come in silver or gold, the texture, although hard to see in this pic, is little dollar signs over the lenses, cute ;) Also showing here, another unisex item, Gold Swag Knuckle Dollar sign rings, these come in silver too :)

The Swag Glasses in Gold lenses, & the Sexy Bitch necklace in Silver.

Below is one of the Swag Nail textures, there is an Exclusive Swag Hug for these nails, I`ll show you that at the end, really cool nails on this hud.

Below......."bleep bleep" in silver :)

Bleep, bleep, in Gold ...

My favorite hat again ;)


Now we`re to the nails, they next few pics are a couple of the textures in the exclusive Swag Nail hud.

And that will bring this post to an end, if SWAG is your style, then this event is for you!!! Don`t miss going to see Jamman, I know you seen something here you want!!

Here`s the Swag Fest Hud :)

Swag Fest - Jamman Jewels

Jamman Jewels Mainstore

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