Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deluxe Fingernails Fantasy2 Hud And new Spirale rings BY Jamman

Post By Punkiss  thanks to her for this fantastic post !

Hi ladies, today I have lots to tell you about with this new product. I, like many of you realize how hard it is to find good nails in SL, there seems to always be an issue, the size somehow doesn`t fit right, the texture didn`t look like the picture, the skin around the nails is overly bright, if they come with rings, they never fit correctly, this list goes on & on, lol  So I`m excited to bring you this product,, because NONE of what I mentioned above is an issue with these :) Meet my newest sponsor.."Jamman Jewels & Accessories" I have so much to tell you about with these nails, so lets get down to business shall we? ;)

I`ll start with the hud, first glance, a little confusing, but I promise you that you can figure this out, & I`m gonna help! So, each hud has 10 different styles of nails, (say, textures, or patterns etc) Here, one is shown as "Hello Kitty" you know that was my first choice, giggles. Ok, then each one of those styles, then comes in 10 different colors, as you see above, a colored hello kitty to go with just about any outfit you have!
It also comes in size, 5, 10, 20, & 30 handsizes, & get this (my fav part) 3 different lengths, short, medium & long. The hud as shown also comes with rings, that you can hide or show any one of them by choosing which finger & also change the gem colors. The hud comes with a "reset" so no seperate reset hud needed and a shine on & off option for your nails. Lots on this hud yes?


                                                      *Zebra print*

*criss cross*

Here I`ve shown you some of the different patterns, but you can see all of them in-world. He also has other huds, so your not only limited to this set of 10.


 Notice no funny whitish around the nail?

Fits perfectly, no gaps.

Make your rings any color you want :)

Any color, any style, there is something to match anything you have :)

I know this is a long blog & shows you a lot of pics, but we like to SEE what we`re buying yes!! So one more thing, the rings in these pics, yes, scroll back up & take a look, are the NEWEST release from Jamman , the nail & hud system comes with one set of rings, but I turned those off to show you these, these rings are an ADD-on product & here`s the best part, they are fully functional with the NAIL HUD, thats right, the color of the metals, the gem colors, all can be changed through your original nail hud, how awesome is that!! You can wear one ring, two rings, or all 3, or on just one hand, no limit ladies, this hud allows you to do whatever you want! Notice the fit with the rings? I didn`t have to edit a thing, the rings are set to hand size, handsize 20, rings handsize 20 no problem :)
So go check out Jamman in world, he`ll be happy to see you & will answer any questions you may have, also check out his other huds as well, each one has 100 different nails, just like this one :)

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