Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kellis writes about her Deluxe fingernails Hud =)

Are you convinced ?? Go grab yours at our mainstore ! :)
- Jamman Jewels - 

Today i wanna show you the amazing nails from Jamman Design.
Jamman designed jewels and startet a while ago with nails but these are not only nails its much much more.
His nails come with a hud and give you the opportunity to choose one of 100  different colours and designs. And this is not the only thing you can change with this hud. Before i write it here i copy and paste you parts of the Notecard you get with the hud and put a few pictures to it.
The pictures show only the Dot version of the huds but there are 4 more with Glam, Tattoo, Standard and Fantasy colours. So you have 500 colours to choose from. Here are a few details to the hud.
So you wear the Nails and put one of the huds on  choose whatever you want or need and you will be well prepared for every event.
- 100% Hud-controlled
- 100 polish colors per Hud !!!!
- 3 nail lengths
- 4 hand sizes automatically adjusted through HUD
- 3 optional rings with color selector
- 6 stone colors for the rings
- Lifetime update

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