Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jamman Jewels for Pink Ribbon Fair

Here are the official vendors of the items created exclusively for the Pink Ribbon Fair starting on August 4th !!
And pictures by our bloggers and PRF bloggers wearing them !
- Jamman Jewels -

Nails with hud: Jamman Jewels Pink Ribbon Fingernails Hud Limited Edition - NEW for Pink Ribbon Fair (coming soon) 

7-28-12 Pulchritude 2
I know I’ve mention Jamman nail HUDs before… well, they have been made even better with some add on rings!  (I could kick myself for not getting in closer… I’ll call a “do-over” very soon!)  You can see the cute bow that is color change and the other hand I wore “peace love hate” words.  A fun way to switch things up a little bit!
Nails: Jamman Dots Color HUD
Rings: Jamman peace love hate & Pink Ribbon

Nails: Jamman - Deluxe Fingernails Pink Ribbon Pink Ribbon Fair

 Necklace: Jamman jewels ~Pink ribbon chain necklace (Pink ribbon hunt – August 4th)
Nails & Rings : Jamman jewels ~pink ribbon limited edition Hud (@ Pink Ribbon fair)

 Nails & Rings: Jamman Jewels ~deluxe fingernails standard edition + add on pink ribbon rings

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