Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer harvest Hunt

Jamman jewels is participating to the Summer Harvest Hunt !
You will find in the mainstore a lil free gift, this lovely leaves necklace :)
And we suggest you to add the Deluxe fingernail Lite Hud Copper to match with it !
The Lite Hud is only 99ls in the nails section of the mainstore !
- jamman jewels-
Dani Riaxik
The nails I are by Jamman and just wow! Look how incredibly gorgeous the designs are on them. The nails are not part of the hunt but the store “Jamman” is participating in it, so stop by the nail section while you are there and check out the beautiful nail selection.
Jamman jewels & Accessories by Jamman:  Lite Fingernails
Jamman - Lite Hud Copper  fingernails
Necklace: Jamman Jewels Copper Leaves Necklace - [SHH hunt] start Sept 1st
The Copper Leaves Necklace I am wearing is another super cute item for the hunt.  It's by a store called Jamman Jewels and is the perfect addition to your wardrobe!   I am finding myself not wanting to take it off,  so you may see more of it in the coming days!
Necklace: Jamman Jewels Copper Leaves Necklace for SHH
Necklace – Jamman Jewels – Copper Leaves Necklace (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Necklace: Jewels Copper Leaves Necklace from Jamman (Summer Hunt gift!)
Nails: Lite Gold version from Jamman 
Nails: Jamman Jewels ~ Lite Fingernails HUD Copper / 99ls only

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