Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pink Ribbon Fair

Here are some bloggers' posts about our latest releases and older creations!
I'm sure you'll find your hapiness in our shop :)
- jamman jewels -
Deluxe Fingernails HUD - Glamour edition (On SALE till August 30th!)
Nails: JA - Deluxe Fingernails Glam color HUD - No Free -
The Skull & Bow necklace
Necklace: Skull and bow necklace from Jamman
New Age necklace
Nails HUD (limited edition for PRF) and ribbon rings Add-on
Nails: JA - [NEW] Pink Ribbon Fingernails HUD limited - For PRF August 4th-25th - No Free -
Deluxe fingernails HUD - Silver edition (New)
[Nails] – Deluxe FingerNails Silver V4.6 By Jamman ~~ New
Necklaces and Nails HUD by our new blogger Livvy
New age Afromoon Bracelet by jamman
Multi Cross Bracelet Silver By Jamman

Multi cross Necklace Silver By Jamman
New Age peace and love Necklace female By Jamman
New Age Afromoon Necklace By Jamman
New Age Big Cross Necklace By Jamman
Ok so I am gonna fan girl over these nails! Ok first off, you can click the pic and make it bigger! Ok so now that you looked at my awesome pic that wasnt touched at all cept for a frame on it to make it look tidy. The Hud is amazing. First off the one thing I noticed about this was the fact that I could resize my hud to fit my screen to be as big or a little as I needed it. Which to me is amazing. On that. there are 10 pages of nail choices to chose from. Each page is a different catagory! With that, you get to chose if you want to wear the rings or not...and its done by each finger which is FANTASTIC for me because I am married and my wedding ring never really comes off unless I have to. So for this purpose I left it on. Ok so the EVERYTHING is changeable on here, and the hud is amazing to use and the nail quality is amazing. I litterally have almost all the nails now, I got them all and you should too cause they are great nails. Which amazing options and the look is so great. Its worth a check out believe me.
Nails with Hud : Jamman Deluxe FingerNails Tattoo

*Pose Anywhere and Auto Focus huds are not part of the nail set


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